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      垂直帶譜 疊合城市 / 禮嘉智慧公園創新中心西區設計

      The project is located in the west area of Lijia smart Park Innovation Center in Liangjiang New Area of Chongqing, with a total land area of 25.6 hectares, which is divided into four plots.


      Jan 01,2022/


      You may only see the "involution" around you, but you don't see those passionate, pluralistic and free designers. In Qicheng, they are you and your colleagues.


      Feb 02,2022/

      獎訊 | 棲城設計施政磊獲2021第二屆上海優秀青年工程勘察設計師優秀獎

      The final results of the second selection of Shanghai outstanding young engineering survey designers were officially announced in late December 2021. Shi zhenglei, architectural design director of Qicheng, won the excellent award of the architect group in this selection.

      第二屆上海市優秀青年工程勘察設計師評選 的最終結果于2021年12月下旬正式公布。棲城建筑設計總監施政磊榮獲本次評選建筑師組優秀獎。

      Mar 03,2022/


      As the most expressive element in visual communication, color usually impresses people with feelings and emotional stimuli. The project uses color to correspond to different functions, and takes color psychology as the starting point to create scenes.


      Dec 12,2021/


      Can we create an old-age community that breathes with the city and let the elderly return to the city and integrate into the city? At the end of last year, we launched the design of Yuanlong beautiful city project in Shaoxing Jinghu new area, trying to answer this question from the perspective of design.


      Dec 12,2021/

      即將開業的東上海怡福薈摘得2021WAN金獎 / 棲城設計

      On the evening of November 17, the awarding ceremony of 2021 Wan Awards was broadcast live on YouTube platform, announcing the award results of various categories this year. Joyful Healthcare Community Center won the Healthcare GOLD award of healthcare architecture FutureProjects.

      11月17日晚,2021 WAN Awards上頒獎典禮通過YouTube平臺直播,正式揭曉本年度各類別獲獎結果。棲城設計即將建成開業的康養地產作品東上海怡福薈斬獲本屆WAN未來項目組醫療康養建筑·金獎。

      Nov 11,2021/

      現場 | SIC老博會“養老項目開發和設計實踐論壇”

      On November 15, 2021, "Pension Project Development and Design Practice Forum" was successfully held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo. The speakers came from leading real estate companies such as SEAZEN Group, Poly Group, R&F Group and China Resources Group, as well as design companies with international vision such as W-B Woods Bagot and GN Architects ...


      Nov 11,2021/

      新作 / 藏馬山飛毯

      SUNAC Qingdao Addo town found us and talked about the design of parent-child center, which became the beginning of our attempt. Later, in the submition documents, there were few words in the 21 page ppt. Our idea is not to explain, not to try to explain meanings. What we see is to maintain the ability of the public to understand. For this kind of design, we later called it mass architecture.


      Dec 12,2021/